Saturday, May 14, 2005


An Ode To Channel 4's Property Programmes

'For us jobless 'tis a hard drag,
Back from the setting of the sun
To the cocking of the crow,
Yet you help.

Days filled with tedium,
And the boredom of the truly mindless,
And you provide sustenance,
And you help.

The glass-roofed atrium,
The chintz armchair and the en-suite,
The glory of the art deco,
Shows you help.

Beeny and Allsop both,
Helping the rich with housing,
Earning them even more,
You see, you help.

Truly a public service,
Helping the rich make still more,
Out of property they don't need,
Oh, how you help.

I like you for this.

But mostly it's cos you're fit.'

Hot Property.

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