Saturday, May 07, 2005


Good Luck, Albion

Of all the four teams (Norwich, Crystal Palace, Southampton & WBA) who could go down on the last day of the season, it is West Bromwich Albion that I would really like to see survive. Here's why:

1. I'm from the Midlands, and so are they.
2. Several of my best friends support them.
3. No team has survived who were bottom of Christmas - Albion were, and it would be nice if they could beat the trend, just so I don't have to listen to commentators and pundits repeat it all next season too.
4. It is a friendly club with a great fan base,
and 5. I don't really like any of the others.

Keep your fingers crossed for the final day of the season.

Oh, and well done for drawing at Man Utd, by the way. Tomasz Kuszczak, the substitute goalkeeper, was truly outstanding. A great performance. My fingers will be crossed.

hi. at the same time I'm hopin for the go back of my football team in italian premiership (serie A).
The very best of luck! It's always the hardest end of the season. I hope you manage it!
I used to follow Wimbledon, but since they went bung don't really follow the Premier League much; what with the top half dozen sides being almost set in stone.

But I always enjoy the relegation battle. Best part of the season when proper sides battle for survival.

For what it's worth I'd like to see West Brom stay up, also.

PS: Thanks for the link.
Well, Tony, the good news is that AFC Wimbledon, the spirit of the club, (as opposed to that MK Dons shower) have been promoted this year, although it is to about the ninth tier of English football. They'll probably go up again next year.

You're right about the top of the table - it has been deeply boring this year. In an ideal world, were money much less of a part of the game, there would be a supplemental draft and a salary cap in the Premiership, but I'll dream on.

No worries about the link mate - thanks very much for the reciprocation!
Surely point 3 is a mistake - is West Brom do somehow pull off a miracle and stay up, the pundits will simply repeat the fact that WBA managed this feat endlessly all next season.

As a Bolton fan, I'm delighted to see that we're not involved in the relegation dogfight for the second season running - must be some kind of record for us in recent years. Personally I'd like to see Norwich stay up, simply because they play the kind of football that reminds me of my primary school team - all short passing, no long balls (we were too puny for them) and a leaky defense. And they have a screaming cook as a chairman, which is kind of endearing.

Ta for the link to my blog, will reciprocate when I next delve into the HTML thingy - am a bit of a beginner at this interweb thing so each time I want to add a link takes the virtual equivalent of a carjack and blowtorch...
I, too, was delighted by Delia's stand up routine - it's always good to see someone under the influence make a complete buffoon of themselves, and it did show she cared.
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