Saturday, May 07, 2005


Dear Djibril

Djibril, you know I love you mate. I was really sad when you broke your leg, really I was. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. And you're a great footballer - real skill there, I know. However, I've got to say something about your hair. I mean, please help me. Is there a good reason? It looks like a rejected carpet pattern. And it's not the first time, is it? You did this to me before:


I was upset then. How have you topped that? What did you say to your hairdresser to make him do that to you? I mean, please.

wow, this man takes dennis rodman to a whole new level. however there are times i wish i could sport hair like that. you know, just to get the attention i crave and feel i deserve.
Well, Lindsey, you do deserve the attention, but Dennis Rodman? He seems to have had an accident with food colouring.

It's amazing what sports stars will do with their hair. Daft buggers, if you ask me.
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