Tuesday, May 31, 2005


'Changes, Times Making Changes In My Life. Rearranging, Always Changing, Can't Seem To Stop The Hands Of Time'*

So I moved back to my hometown for a few days, and one of my objectives was to get a haircut. Surprise! My local barbers, the only good one that I've ever been in, has shut. What to do? Barbers are so rare these days, these dark, dark days, and most of the ones left aren't very good. I thought about going to a hairdressers, but it seems a bit much when I just want my head shaved. A quick question, then - does anyone know a decent barbers in either the Midlands or Manchester?

A dying symbol.

*Tesla, 'Changes.'

I've never heard of Tesla (the band, that is, not Nikola the electrical dude), but they have a touch of the Status Quos about them.

And sorry, I don't know any barbers on Manchester. Although my barber here in Melbourne actually IS from Manchester.
Tesla are a strange band - the band that metal forgot. I'm not too much of a fan of metal music, but Tesla have a certain good sound. Their best songs are 'Changes', 'Lazy Days, Crazy Nights' and the best of all, 'Comin' Atcha Live.'

They decided upon their name after hearing the story of the 'Battle Of The Currents' with Thomas Edison. Tesla showed their dislike for the latter in the song - isn't this so Spinal Tap? - 'Edison's Medicine.' The full lyrics are here:

My favourite lines:
'He was electromagnetic, completely kinetic,
"New Wizard of the West."
But they swindled and whined that he wasn't our kind,
And said Edison knew best.'

Magical, indeed. Considering I teach electrical engineering, I may just have to insert that into a lecture.

Top shelf stuff!
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