Thursday, May 19, 2005


Bad Taste Britain

There are two remarkable things about this story. The first is that British people pay £12.27 ($23 for American readers, $30 for Australian readers) for an average DVD. Where? Is this real? If so, I want in, please.

The other remarkable thing is how poor our taste is. The article contains a list of the ten DVDs Britons bought most of last year. Only three are even half-decent. A packet of gummy bears to the reader who gets it right first.

Pirates of the Carribean
Love Actually
I, Robot

And actually these are only a quarter decent
Well, Tom, me ole mate, you got one.

And you're right, about a quarter good is the absolute tops for any of them.
I, Robot
Finding Nemo
Shrek II
And Matt has two!

There's just one more to find.
Deary me, this is the blogger's equivalent of the board game of Mastermind, or at least it would be if we had to guess the ranking too.
Well, there is a prize at stake. And, since you're struggling (though not that badly, two of Matts suggestions were correct), I'll up the ante to three packs of gummy bears.

You can't say fairer than that.
OK my last try.
I can't imagine it being Lord of the Rings or Star Wars for that matter. Little Britain too. I'm inclined, therefore to choose:
Shrek 2,
I, Robot,
and Harry Potter.
I'm sorry, mate, you're back down to one.

I'll give this 24 more hours and if it still hasn't been guessed I'll put people out of their misery.
OK, it must be:
I, Robot
Finding Nemo
and Star Wars
Well, we're back up to two out of three with Tommy B.

That rhymes, you know.

Just eleven hours left to claim the gummy bears.
I got it right! i just promised that I would partake no more of this competition. I don't like gummy bears however. Steve-O clearly got them from a car boot.
To put an end to this thread, once and for all:

The three films that were a quarter decent were:

'Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King'
'Finding Nemo'
& 'I, Robot.'

Graham, you may call yourself 'MattyG' all you wish, you'll not get a gummy bear nor any other food out of me. You were too late.
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