Saturday, April 16, 2005


Pub Names

Following on from the last post, and the first comment (and lets face it, probably also the last comment) on it, the issue of pub names occured to me. When I was a wee nipper, I seem to recall a burning desire to run a pub named The Worm & The Bogbrush. I can't for the life of me recall why now.

There's a particularly snobby pub not too far from where I live called something like The Pig & Poke. It really wouldn't bother me if it were razed to the ground.

Sadly, we don't really have any great pub names over here in the States. The only "real" pub in my area is the Cork & Cleaver, but other than that, I'm stuck with clubs like XES (yes, sex spelled backwards, pronounced "excess" -HA!), and other painfully chic Hollywood-type names.

Thanks for the link though! It doesn't connect, but if you take out that last / in the address, it should work like a charm ;)

Consider it fixed.
The Elusive Camel has always been my favourite pub name.
There's a pub just off Berkely Square in London called 'I am the Only Running Footman', which is hard to better.
Jakester -

I want to visit that pub! That is sheer genius. Next time I vist London, I shall pop in, and put the photos on here to prove it.
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