Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Further Thoughts On Hitchhiker's

"As so often in such a short-sighted world, nobody asked me about any of this."*

Simon Jones, the original Arthur Dent, has been quizzed about how he feels about the new film. He answers by pointing out that he hasn't seen the film yet. Fair enough. A thought occurred to me earlier, however. Why, when casting the film, did the filmaker's not sign up Jack Davenport? Okay, he's not the world's best actor, but he does at least look like Arthur. And, more importantly, it would have saved him from involvement in the train-wreck 'The Wedding Date.'

I've never seen them in the same room either.

*Bill Bryson, 'Down Under'

i can't WAIT to see that movie!!
I know! Only a few more days to wait now. I hope they haven't messed with the books too much, tho!
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