Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Blogroll Policy

If you comment on this site at any point in the next few months, I shall add you to the blogroll (if you have a blog, or website, or whatever.) If I don't, write me a bitchy email.

Is that why you added me to your blogroll? Because you knew I'd post this comment? Aaaargh, this blog is warping my brain already and I haven't even started to read it!
Ah, Stourbridge.

I remember throwing-up outside the Exchange pub - ooh, at least 25 years ago now.
I don't believe the Exchange pub exists any more. Stourbridge has become - how can I put it? - trendified, with a Lloyds Bar, a Chicago Rock Cafe and other such places. It's pretty ghastly, to be honest. Birmingham & Manchester are much better to go out in.
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