Thursday, February 03, 2005


I Have Arrived!

This is the first posting on the 'Dr Feelgood' blog. Are you ready for what is to come?

I'm rather looking forward to some slagging of JD Wetherspoon's. It surely is the Ikea of pubs.

If I might make a start? What particularly sickens me is the way that tosser Tim Martin holds whatever opinion will get him in the headlines because he's too tight to shell out for advertising.

We saw it with the moral panic over alco-pops a few years ago (utter hypocrisy, given the Wetherspoon's product range), now we're seeing it with the bastard calling for state intervention (as opposed to industry self-regulation) over the smoking debate.

I don't mind that anyone holds these opinions. It's just that he doesn't, his PR department does. Personally, I go to the pub to get away from spin.
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